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Larry Contier - Owner of Angelic Healing Crystals and Angel Therapy Practitioner

Larry is an Angel Therapy Practitioner who walks his spiritual path every day. As a gifted being who has mastered communication with Angels and other realms, Larry utilizes his gifts within, Angelic Healing Crystals, helping beings of all kinds from humans, to crystals, to the unseen and more. Known for his role with Angelic Healing Crystals, Larry ensures those he works with are aligned partners who love, care for, and respectfully harvest their crystals with conscious intent for the highest good of all.

Larry travels worldwide, showcasing the most exquisite, humanely treated crystals that are seeking their new homes. His grounded personality is always present in an atmosphere filled with angelic frequencies. It’s common for many to leave the Angelic Healing Crystals area with their arms filled with opulent crystals and a new sparkle in their eye as the crystals finally found their next home.

More about Larry & his work with crystals...

There are several reasons I enjoy working with crystals. My top is the following;

  1. I love the experiencing spiritual properties these amazing crystal beings possess. I have countless stories that have been shared with me from others about the healing properties of crystals. From increasing one’s faith in the belief one can heal fully and ultimately, to transforming medical alignments passed down from generation to generation, the stories are always unique and cherished as it becomes the example that together, we can co-create ultimate health and well-being.
  2. I get to work directly with the families in Brazil and Uruguay that own the mines. With Angelic Healing Crystals, I meet them and hear the stories about how they do their mining. I see the mines’ conditions, and I have the opportunity to help them with their livelihood. This helps me get to know the families and build a relationship with them. Because I cut out the middlemen, I can the saving to my customers too!!!
  3. I meet so many who see, feel, and understand that the crystals bring massive value to us and the planet. The beauty in the crystals brings forward the potential of someone, and the sparkle in the eye is the bonus when they realize that they can feel the crystals’ aliveness when they turn inward.

My destiny and intention to be a shining example...

I do what I do to show that each can live a life of destiny. While I was an investment banker, I thought I really loved my job. I was really good at it and was pretty proud of the career that I had chosen. Then one day, I listened to a lady named Doreen Virtue, and all that changed. I know there are many people in careers that they want to get out of but are afraid to take the leap into destiny. I love showing them that if I can do it, so can they!!!!

The gift of connection...

What I enjoy the most with working with humans in understanding crystals is seeing the sparkle in their eyes as they find a piece that “moves” them or a piece that they find to be really gorgeous. Crystals each have unique energy just like us humans; when we turn inward and respect the crystal, we can co-create, blending our energies to create miracles of all kinds.

Healing Services With Larry

If you’re not sure what you are looking for, please review a brief description of each of the services I offer. If you don’t know why or how but feel the need to experience a session with me, then trust that the angels and your guides do know.

ANGEL Sessions

The Angelic Realm is here to help us, always …All we have to do is simply ask! Meet your Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides. In an intimate setting in-person or online, Larry will give you their messages and provide you clarity while teaching you how to listen to their loving Guidance.


With the use of very specific tones generated by using tuning forks, Larry will work in the energy field around one’s body that contains lower vibrational energies. The tones help release the negative energy, which helps balance the spiritual and physical bodies so that they will work in harmony.


Re-align and balance yourself using the 12 chakras (energy centers). Larry will use angelic tuning forks to bring your body back into alignment with ease and flow. This process allows the energy centers in your body to operate at their fullest potential, providing you exactly what you need in your current season of life.


This healing service allows your life force energy to flow freely within your body. Within a session in-person or online, Larry will break apart blocked meridians (energy channels), which have created disharmony in your body through the use of angelic tones and essential oils. Ready to experience a life full abundance & peace? 


Consult your Soul Council to work through the original cause of deep-rooted past life or early childhood issues and create a cellular level release. This special technique focuses on the origins of troublesome blocks by accessing your Akashic Records (soul contracts). Find out what the purpose of your life is.


We have guidance in all forms, including the Animal Kingdom! Take a guided journey with Larry to meet your animal guides and totems. This grounding meditation will teach you to view yourself from the eyes of your power animal and deliver the exact amount of power, clarity, and endurance needed.

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One Hour: $200

Private sessions are available in person or by phone

Thank you for the opportunity to share this experience with you.
Namaste and Bless Your Heart.

Larry Contier

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You are the true source and cause of your own healing… ~Larry Contier

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Looking for a specific piece or need additional details regarding our crystals, workshops, upcoming shows? Simply give us a call or fill out our form and we’ll be in contact soon.