Crystal Meanings

Crystals have been used for HEALING for thousands of years & emit energies that affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Below we share the crystal descriptions and meanings so you can co-create to the highest good of all.

Color: comes in many colors, each with different qualities. In general, agate awakens your inherent talents, transforms negativity, and balances the physical and emotional aspects on your being.
Color: pale blue-green, connects to inner power, intuitive wisdom, universal love, boosts self-love, boosts metabolism, aids in pregnancy/delivery/pre-menstrual symptoms, restores one’s faith in life, & encourages one to spread their wings & fly.
Color: like golden honey w/organic material inside, an ancient tree resin that is millions of years old, contains ancestral wisdom from one’s elders, past life recall, natural pain reliever, transmutes negativity into positivity, great for healing physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.
Color: crystalline-purple in color, the stone of ultimate spirituality, contentment, opens your third eye for meditation, developing intuition, enhancing creativity, energetic amplifier of intention which helps in manifesting anything in one’s life, & connects you with the divine.
Color: milky blue in color and is used to develop clear communication with the angelic realm, brings peace to the world, connects you with your angels and guides, and used in psychic healing.


Color: olive green or blue, mystically increases intellect, communication, and intuitive awareness, expands service & humanitarian pursuits, extremely helpful in disclosing the “truth to freedom,” meditation/awareness tool, enhances the energies of other crystals/stones, brings harmony and inner peace on all levels, physically assists with nail problems, allergies, arthritis, bones (increases calcium absorption), muscles, and nervous system.
Color: clear crystalline (can also have some green and peach (stillbite), opens the 3rd eye for meditation and psychic abilities, profoundly calms the heart, astral travelling consciously, purifies & clears energy, & reawakens courage & life purpose.
Color: iridescent aqua blue, stimulates the spirit & elevates one’s mood, serenity, peace, purification & rest, angelic communication, inter-dimensional access to your guides, great for channeling, removes negativity, & cleanses/clears/repairs the auric field.


Color: pale blue-crystalline, reduces stress and quiets the mind, soothes fears and increases sensitivity, sharpens the intellect and clears confusion, opens clairvoyance, protects mother/baby during pregnancy, serenity, joy, & peace.

Color: deep green w/metallic flecks, the mystical stone of prosperity, creativity, imagination, calm, & happiness.


Color: mixture of deep blue/green like Mother Earth, the stone of heaven, spiritual wisdom, great for grounding your heart and mind, balancing, and wonderful tool for healers in balancing chakras.

Color: black-crystalline, powerful protection, excellent for grounding excess energy, purifies/deflects, & transforms negative energy, transforms/removes negativity, deflects radiation/EMF’sfrom tv’s & computer monitors, dispels fears, obsessions, and neuroses, bringing emotional stability, strengthens immune system, helps with heart dis-ease, arthritis, dyslexia, anxiety, & disorientation.

Color: blue with striations, opens throat chakra, excellent for communication, clears fears/blockages, speak your truth.


Color: pale blue w/white striations, discerns communication, calms, uplifts/elevates, great for arthritis, bones, digestion, dissolves fear/doubt, loyalty, & trustworthiness.


Color: yellow/orange, black-crystalline, brings renewed joy and passion to life, clears the sacral and solar plexus chakras, grounding, magnifies intention, great for healing physical pain, infections, and abdominal issues, increases one’s confidence and positive outlook on life.

Color: deep orange, grounding, balancing, heals relationships, manifests thoughts into the physical, protection.


Color: crystalline-light blue, brings calmness and harmony, fairy of good fortune, transmutes pain into light and love, a children’s favorite as it has a magical quality to it, and children always know. 

Color: mixture of deep blue/green like Mother Earth, phenomenal healer of the heart and the emotions, gives you great inner strength during difficult times, balances your blood sugar, and cures “foot in mouth” syndrome.

Color: crystalline-yellow/gold mixed with clear quartz, attracts wealth & good fortune, enhances mental focus & clarity, brings happiness & lightness, great to store where money is kept.


Color: pink to crimson variations-crystalline, heals emotions, unconditional love, compassion, & forgiveness, cultivates self-love, mends broken hearts, heals grief, speeds healing process by clearing/activating root chakra to clear blocked energy & past trauma, manifests abundance, & reduces stress.


Color: orange crystalline with spikes, rare and deeply spiritual, a Stone of the Light, immediate access to a clear meditative state, quickly activates the Third Eye, Crown & etheric chakras above the head, expansive awareness & cleansing euphoria, a powerful guardian of spiritual health & a facilitator for accessing & understanding ancient knowledge encoded in Atlantean Record Keepers & Lemurian Seed Crystals.


Color: green, stone of “successful love,” loyalty, & bliss, strengthens memory & focus, increases inner knowing, truth, & discernment, heals the physical heart, lungs, spine, & muscular system, detoxes the liver, alleviates diabetes, & rheumatism


Color: clear crystalline with vertical threads, excellent for transmitting energy and thought, and is thought to contain much information relating to our Planet Earth, easily programmed (cleanse first), repairs holes in the aura and the etheric body, strong healing crystal, heals broken bones, and torn ligaments, facilitates better communication between people and enhance relationships.
Color: usually crystalline-green mixed at times with purple/yellow/teal blue, beautiful clearer of negativity, cleanses and renews the chakras, and transmutes everyone & everything into light and love.


Color: gold crystalline, (also see Lemurian Seed Crystals below) excellent for any and all types of healing, connects one with the spiritual worlds, accesses Christ consciousness as well as activates the solar plexus chakra to join our will with Divine will, and aligns all the chakras and balances yin/yang energies.


Color: green w/sparkles, brings peace & compassion, calms heart/mind, tranquility, tolerance, & natural pain reliever. __HALITE: Color: pale pink or green w/square crystalline structure, enhances good will, elevates your mood, and diminishes mood swings and negativity, assists with abandonment feelings stimulating initiative and independent thinking, and allows you to go deep within yourself to find ancient solutions to present day problems.
Color: purple with grape-like formations, induces deep peace, united community, cleanses one’s perception, shows you which dreams are really worth pursuing, harmonizes brain chemistry, great for anxiety, bipolar, panic attacks, & encourages trust & support from our spiritual guides.


Color: pale pink or green w/square crystalline structure, enhances good will, elevates your mood, and diminishes mood swings and negativity, assists with abandonment feelings stimulating initiative and independent thinking, and allows you to go deep within yourself to find ancient solutions to present day problems.
Color: metallic silver/black: excellent for grounding, protection, and memory enhancement.


Color: sparkling clear crystalline-double terminated, true ascension stones, balances the mental, emotional, & physical levels, clears/opens chakras, relieves tension, peace of mind, heals addictions/remove toxins, astral travel, & powerful amplifiers.

HONEY DOGTOOTH CALCITE (aka Stellar Beam Calcite)

Color: gold crystalline often attached to matrix, locates & clears energetic blockages on ALL levels, activates/clears all of the chakras, connects one to their highest self & returns you to a state of deep peace, calms the mind, teaches discernment, stimulates insights, and boosts memory, improves kidneys, pancreas, spleen, bones (calcium assimilation), skin, and tissue healing.


Color: milky white with grey lines), extremely calming for the heart & mind, strengthens positive traits such as patience and tolerance, great for sleep & calcium imbalances, absorbs anger & rage from within yourself & others, & a wonderful stress reducer.


Color: pale-pink crystalline, produces powerful peace, connects to infinite source of love, purification on all levels, enhances expression of self-love, unconditional love, and romantic love, removes obstacles from one’s path, dissolves negativity, clears/protects the auric field, allows one to have the openness of a child, physically strengthens/reinforces the heart muscles, treats lung & circulatory functions, and relieves stress-related dis-ease.
Color: iridescent metallic finish with deep green/blue background, astral travel, dreamtime healing, connecting to other dimensions/star systems/spirit guides, excellent for transformation on all levels (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual), & ascension.
Color: deep, cobalt blue, awakens you to the divine perfection that you are, shows you your true, authentic, beautiful Self, enhances self-acceptance, releases depression, allows one to be open & fearless.


Clear quartz with light-encoded horizontal lines, contain & transmit messages of equality and unconditional love from the ancient advanced civilization of Lemuria (no longer mined in Minais Gerais, Brazil), excellent for dream work, deep heart connection, unconditional love for the Divine and each other, deep connection to all of humanity, circle of light protection, these crystals will be attracted to people who actively assist in bringing through the anchoring energies that aid the planet in these times.


Color: sparkling purple/violet (and in some cases light green), great for stress reduction, allows one to transition out of difficult challenges in life, childlike love and acceptance, and another natural favorite for children. J


Clear quartz w/pale pink inclusions, brings emotional peace, stress release, and relaxation, balances brain and emotions, uplifting, moves anger/grief to surface for healing, great for pets or plants, great for insomnia, anxiety and/or panic disorders, purifies water, calming/soothing.
Color: rich dark/light greens, deep spiritual, emotional & physical healing, strength & power, respect, protection, absorbs negativity, clears electromagnetic fields, stone of Archangel Raphael, releases fears, depression, transformation, change & risk taking.
Color: iridescent pale blue (man-made glass but oh so lovely), opens the 3rd eye, improves spiritual communication, assists one in transitions of all kinds, persistence, strength, removes energy blockages from the chakras/meridians, success in business, & helps us verbalize our hidden feelings.


Color: pinkish-violet, connects to the higher heart bringing compassion, unconditional love & acceptance, and forgiveness of self and others, opens the third eye chakra for intuition, mental and spiritual clarity & direction, calming, nurturing, & releases negative emotional memories.


Color: opalescent pale pink, unconditional love & forgiveness of self & others, grace, gentleness, compassion, & kindness.


Color: light to dark green, very protective on all levels, strengthens life force energy and yet powerfully calming, eases worries and restlessness of all kinds, aids spirit communication through meditation or visualization, out-of-body travel, powerful dream stone, also known as a stone of prophesy which stimulates inner-knowing and power of precise prediction, heals gout, anemia, and kidney/bladder problems, & connective tissues.


Color: clear-crystalline, sometimes opaque with occlusions/rainbows, clearer of negative energy, magnifies intention for the highest good, great for meditation, spiritual manifestation, general healing, spiritual development, and heals Mother Earth.


Color: clear w/rainbow inclusions, hope, promise, renewed life, brings pure joy and lightness of heart.
Color: pale pink w/some black striations, stone of grace and elegance, decreases anxiety while increasing attention to detail, expands heart chakra, opens one to unconditional love & increases service to mankind, generosity of spirit, fosters “brotherhood” of humanity, self-love, calming, eases anger, emotional balance, confidence, enhances passionate love and attracts a good mate, mends a broken heart, heals trauma & abuse issues, helps emphysema, joint inflammation, ears, hearing, immune system, the pituitary gland, thyroid, light sensitivity, strep throat and heart disorders.
Color: crystalline-pink sometimes with violet, beautiful healing crystal that enhances self-love, nurturing, beloved purity of self and others, unconditional love, and enhances gentleness of spirit.


Color: deep red/pink/magenta, strengthens leadership, power, protection, & detoxification.
Color: pinkish red with pale green, balances physical health, peace to daily routines/schedules, releases stress, bliss.


Color: milky crystalline quartz, mental clarity, angelic guidance, allows one to access past lives, removes energy blocks from the physical and etheric bodies, aligns the spine, good for the skeleton, decreases epilepsy and seizures, clears/enhances the energy of other stones that are placed on or near it, expands the crown chakra, prevents free radical damage, aids in healing from cancer, tumors, wrinkles, & light sensitivity.
Color: variations of green with yellow/black flecks, excellent for clearing all the chakras simultaneously, treats diabetes/hypoglycemia/eliminates parasites, aids in calcium/magnesium absorption, and the stone of the divine feminine.


Color: browns/grays striations (made from Jasper in India), harmonizes & balances the masculine and feminine energies (giving & receiving), grounding, releases all that one has outgrown, increases flow of energy in the body & the meridians, great for fertility, heals the prostate, spine, alleviates back pain, and heals all 2nd chakra related issues and trauma.
Color: shiny black, said to be around 2 billion years old from Russia, very powerful, ancient healing for grounding, detoxification, removing/protection from EMF radiation, contains fullerenes (antioxidants) which can be used to purify your drinking water.
Color: iridescent violet blue, stimulates the spirit & elevates one’s mood, serenity, peace, purification & rest, angelic communication, inter-dimensional access to your guides, great for channeling, removes negativity, & cleanses/clears/repairs the auric field.
Color: gold/black bands, protection, good luck, mental clarity, willpower, purpose, courage, freedom, and self-confidence.

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