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I was blessed to meet Karin and Larry a few years ago as I started my quest to better understand the healing properties of crystals. Immediately, they eagerly share their extensive knowledge, depth of insight, and genuine authenticity with ease and grace. I was guided to some exquisite healing crystals that, to this day, emanate their natural essence and power. The clarity and richness of each piece behold great beauty. As a business owner, I now access Angelic Healing Crystals to provide and sell healing crystals in my yoga studio. Each piece is packaged with love, and each order is promptly shipped with care. I am so very grateful!
Marie & Larry, The Yoga Haus, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Karin is a very skilled, gifted, and experienced spiritual intuitive and healer. Her energy is very clear, she attunes quickly, and she embodies clarity, compassion, love, strength, grace, and divine wisdom in her work. As a result of my having received intuitive sessions and energy work from Karin, I experience more grounding, balance, clarity, and openness, among many other gifts and guidance. Karin is also deeply knowledgeable and “in touch” with the Earth and crystals—I have a stunning 40+ pound amethyst from her as a centerpiece in my home, along with several other gorgeous pieces. I am deeply grateful to Karin for her service, and I highly recommend her.
Jessica W., Superior, CO
The vibration of the crystals I use for my healings from Angelic Healing Crystals have been instrumental in many healing breakthroughs for those I work on. The quality and brilliance of each stone are far above your normal "rock shop". The bonus is the love and kindness from Karin and Larry. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns I may have or research specific crystals I am looking for. For myself, I consider Angelic Healing Crystals the ONLY source for my crystal or stone needs. Karin's knowledge and her empathic approach during her sessions are far and above anything I have experienced from others during sessions. She is clear and concise in her delivery of information. Karin has created a safe environment for all whom she does sessions for. I always look forward to hearing her beautiful voice and receiving information from her with love and light.
Mollie W., Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Meow-there, my name is Toast! Come visit me on my Instagram page... @toastiphertiramisu

Kitty of Colleen C., Los Angeles, CA
I have worked with Larry on several occasions and have found him to be a very high energy, fun loving person. His fast wit way of being has been a joy to be around. His teachings of the angelic realm are truly astounding.
Joe C., Lake Hills, TX
Larry is gifted at naturally leading people to connect with their spirit guides. He asked if I had ever talked to my guides. I said no. He led me on a journey a year ago which changed my life. I asked them what my purpose was, I certainly never expected to get such clarity on my question!
Chris J., Oakland, CA
The talented healers at Angelic Healing Crystals go above and beyond your expectations. I had a large shipment from Colorado to St. Louis MO, very fragile goods, and packed great. They take the time, and they really care. Karin’s deep intuitive insight and healing abilities will have you feeling amazing and ready to take on the next thing in your life. Great people. Great variety of Lemurians and Amethyst to choose from.
Kyle F., Lake Saint Louis, MO
Karin is an amazingly gifted guide and teacher. Her sessions helped me work through complicated feelings and questions after the passing of my dad, but more importantly, they opened the door for me to better connect with and grow in my own spirituality. Calm and grounded, Karin has given me just the right information at the right point in time, in a way that I’ve been able to absorb it and use it in my life. And I will be forever grateful for the session she did for my eight-year-old son, which provided him exactly what he needed to process the deep and lingering sadness he had over the passing of his beloved grandfather. I would be remiss to leave out mention of the crystals. My favorite crystals are the ones I’ve chosen from Karin with her expert and intuitive guidance – the stones are incredibly beautiful and so supportive of my needs.
Carlye L., Woodbury, MN
I met Karin a few years ago and from our first session I felt such a connection with her. Over the years she has become my person when I need a little more guidance on evolving and awakening to my best self. I am always smiling after our sessions and ready to do my ‘homework’ to reach my highest self and heal my heart. I have also purchased a few crystals from her, and they have been amazing. My kids usually take them and love the meanings and healing energies behind them. The first time I bought a crystal from Karin for my daughter, when I gave it to her and explained what it was, she had tears running down her face. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, ‘I’m so happy’. It was a such a sweet and beautiful moment. I’m forever grateful for meeting Karin and all she has taught me these past few years.
Stephani R., Nashville, TN
A session with Karin is a priceless gift you can give yourself or a loved one. Karin possesses a wisdom and a knowing I have never experienced with any other intuitive/ healer I have worked with before. She provides a safe, calm & inviting environment to explore one's innermost thoughts & desires to dig deep on a true soul level. It has been life changing to have someone who is genuinely tapped into the Divine guide me on my continued journey of self discovery. After each session, I feel more restored, hopeful, and grounded in the present and looking forward the future. Also, Karin sends a detailed follow-up email with examples of manageable actions to get one closer to their goals. Although this type of work can often feel abstract to apply to real life, Karin has the ability to make it concrete, accessible, fun, and fascinating. And her vast knowledge of crystals and their healing properties is second to none. Enjoy the journey!
Michelle S., Bethesda, MD
Larry is a genuine joy and pleasure. He is committed to bringing forth the angelic love & messages that are being shared at this time. I would highly recommend his classes & personal sessions to all. Don't miss the opportunity to hear the message he has to share.
Robbie N., Lake Hills, TX
I have found that Larry is insightful, extremely knowledgeable and treats his mission with as much respect as he does his clients. Larry truly brings us all one step closer to the angelic realm and gently reminds us that he is not teaching us, but simply helping us remember.

Barry G., New York
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