About Us

Who are we?
Crystal Joys Wholesale is a wholesale rock and crystal supplier that sources
directly from South America. We source quality pieces directly from ethically
sourced mines in order to supply crystal stores and rock shops across the
United States with beautiful stones for crystal enthusiast customers.
Crystal Joys has been in the business of gemstones and minerals since 1986.
In 2014, Crystal Joys launched as a brick and mortal retail shop.
With our extensive knowledge, Crystal Joys Wholesale is able to 
do the work of sourcing and importing at volume pricing
in order to provide our partner retailers with quality products at great prices.
What does ethically sourced mean?
Our crystals and minerals are primarily sourced from South America, specifically
Brazil and Uruguay. All our sources in Brazil are from the mines in the most
developed part of southern Brazil, where laws are in place to ensure ethical
mining practices. Miners are paid livable wages as well as an additional
percentage based on what they find, the minimum age is 21 years old, and they
do not use oil in their tool usage. Mines in Brazil also have to pass an
environmental study. These regulations ensure
that all products at Crystal Joys Wholesale are ethically sourced.