Wholesale Large Blue Kyanite Blades

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Introducing our wholesale Large Blue Kyanite Blades, available in sizes ranging from 2 to 6 inches. These exquisite crystals offer an opportunity to infuse your space with serenity and promote a sense of balance. Whether you're seeking to enhance your interior décor, elevate your spiritual practices, or provide your customers with a profound connection to the calming energy of Blue Kyanite, these large blades are a perfect choice.

Our Large Blue Kyanite Blades are carefully sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring their authenticity and the striking blue hues that make them truly captivating. Each blade is meticulously selected for its exceptional clarity and energetic resonance. Blue Kyanite is renowned for its ability to create a tranquil atmosphere, promoting clear communication, a sense of inner peace, and a harmonious balance. It aligns with the Throat Chakra, facilitating open and honest communication, fostering self-awareness, and encouraging authentic expression.

These large blades serve a variety of purposes. Use them as decorative centerpieces to infuse your space with an aura of serenity and elegance. Incorporate them into your energy healing sessions, placing them on or around the body to enhance relaxation and balance. Meditate with a Large Blue Kyanite Blade to deepen your spiritual practice and connect with the soothing energy it radiates. Include these exquisite blades in your artistic endeavors or craft unique décor items, imbuing them with the calming essence of Blue Kyanite.

By offering these wholesale Large Blue Kyanite Blades in your metaphysical store or online shop, you enable your customers to elevate their surroundings and energy, immersing themselves in the tranquil vibrations of Blue Kyanite. Create an atmosphere of serenity and clarity with these remarkable crystals, and order now to experience the profound serenity of Blue Kyanite in its grandest form.

These blades range from 2-6" in length. They weight approximately 0.05 to 0.10kg each. Item is priced per piece.