Wholesale Pink Amethyst Heart 2-4"

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Explore our Wholesale Pink Amethyst Puff Heart, a captivating addition to your crystal and metaphysical product selection. These stunning Pink Amethyst hearts, measuring between 2 to 4 inches, are a harmonious blend of elegance and metaphysical significance.

Pink Amethyst is celebrated for its gentle and loving energy, promoting feelings of compassion, self-love, and emotional healing. These heart-shaped wonders are perfect for customers seeking to enhance their relationships, self-care routines, and emotional well-being.

Each Pink Amethyst Puff Heart is a unique masterpiece of nature, displaying variations in color, pattern, and crystalline structure. This individuality allows your customers to connect with the crystal's energy in a personal and heartfelt way.

Drusy Inclusions add a touch of visual delight, creating a shimmering effect that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of these hearts. The presence of these hearts fosters a sense of tranquility and connection with the higher self, making them an excellent addition to meditation and energy work practices.

When purchased in bulk, you can enjoy cost savings and offer competitive prices to your customers. These Pink Amethyst hearts can be displayed as meaningful décor pieces, placed on altars, or used as tools for meditation and self-care practices. Their versatility complements a wide range of holistic practices and décor styles.

Elevate your inventory with the beauty and metaphysical power of our Wholesale Pink Amethyst Puff Hearts. Whether you operate a metaphysical store, wellness center, or an online retail business, these hearts are a must-have addition. Sold individually, they empower your customers to embrace the loving and spiritually uplifting energy of Pink Amethyst in their own unique and heartfelt way. Purchase these hearts today to enhance your product offerings and provide your customers with a powerful and visually captivating crystal experience.

This soft natural Pink Amethyst is a recent discovery in South America.  These hearts are polished puff hearts measuring between 2 to 4 inches wide.

This item is priced per piece. This item has been ethically sourced directly from Southern Brazil.