Wholesale Quartz Clusters 3 - 3.9kg - Sold by Piece

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Unveil the enchantment of our wholesale Quartz Clusters, each boasting a substantial weight between 3 to 3.9 kilograms. These magnificent crystal formations are perfect for customers looking to enhance their collection, add sophistication to home décor, or simply for customers drawn to the versatile and captivating energy of quartz.

Our Quartz Clusters are meticulously sourced from reputable suppliers, guaranteeing authenticity and the unique allure that sets them apart. Every cluster is handpicked for its exceptional clarity, radiance, and energetic properties. Quartz, renowned for its versatility and amplifying qualities, becomes a valuable asset in crystal grids, meditation practices, energy healing sessions, and beyond.

Your customers will find endless uses for these clusters. Whether they integrate them into a growing crystal collections, place them in sacred spaces to elevate their spiritual practice or highlight the cluster in a crystal grid, the possibilities are endless. Share the boundless versatility of quartz with your customers by offering these wholesale Quartz Clusters in your metaphysical store or online shop.

By adding our wholesale Quartz Clusters to your inventory, you empower your customers to tap into the pure and potent energy of quartz. Elevate your space, your energy, and your crystal collection with these exquisite clusters. Order now to experience the captivating essence of quartz at its finest.

Please note that the size of these clusters varies due to their natural formations and is not specified in inches or centimeters. This item is priced per piece, with each cluster weighing between 3 to 3.9 kilograms.

Pictures available are examples of pieces from this collection.  All crystals are different and variations in size/shape exist.